Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage Timex Moon Sun Phase Ladies Wrist Watch, a True Classic

Sun Moon Phases,  Sweep Second Hand, Calendar Date and Leather Band make one of the Best Timex Watches ever.

Any young Lady born 1955 or later wanted this watch. It was one of the prettiest Timex Ladies watches ever made with Time, Date and Phases of the Sun and Moon on it's face.

This, of course is the automatic movement and is in pristine condition which makes it one of my personal favorites.

I'm half hoping no one buys this watch so I have an excuse to keep it, but with the reasonable price I'm asking for it, it is sure to be on someone else's wrist soon.

I hope they know what they are getting, I remember my friend Donna wore hers through the teenage years and had to have the crystal replaced twice, then she went on to be a nurse and this watch stayed with her. I haven't seen Donna in a couple of decades now, but I'm sure this watch is still on her wrist and still her favorite.

It's a rock solid movement made only the way Timex could and is worthy to be considered a watch passing on to the next generation.

It featured the Moyota Japan metal movement and was water resistant to 30 meters.

In case this watch is what you have been looking for, his watch is available HERE.


  1. Hi is this available for purchase?

  2. These watches look so cool!! I think my husband would totally love that.

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  3. I love these sun/moon phase women's watches. I've owned two ELGIN 1990 watches. I used to be obsessed with them when I was a student at a local business college. The 'in' thingie watches were Faded Glory, GUESS, Gitano, and name brand statement watches. I bought four SEIKO watches because I liked, and still like, the status of owning the very best 'silky' feel on my wrist.

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